A farm near Cuenca, Ecuador

On our first day in Ecuador, we were at a farm. This is a dairy farm - that means that they have cows and they milk them.

On this farm they have 30 cows. They milk them with a machine that is very cool because it has 4 pumps that attach to the cow's udder. The good thing is that they can get the milk much faster than by hand. And surprisingly they make more money having fewer cows here than having more cows in the U.S.A.
Barrel of fresh milk The owners of the farm made awesome meals for us. For example, they made bread with cinnamon and vanilla for breakfast. And they made amazing homemade pizza with beef and pineapple.
Breakfast The cheese was made from the milk of the cows.
Farm fresh cheese wheels I got to feed the calves by giving them milk with bottles and bowls. The calves were cute. Two of the male calves are going to be oxen - that means they won't be able to make babies when they are older.

The house we stayed in was amazing. It was a small wooden cabin with a fireplace. We made a fire at night because it was cold. The bathroom was really nice - you had to go outside to get to it.


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