Bangkok to Bali

The boys are excited to see “mamie” – their grandmother – again. We meet up with her in Bangkok before the five of us head to Bali.

With mamie

Unlike other parts of Indonesia which are largely Muslim, Bali is predominantly Hindu. An intensely spiritual culture, Hinduism is deeply infused throughout the island. Fragrant incense smoke curls, intricate stone statues, and bright flower offerings line even the smallest streets. Offerings containing flowers, rice, salt, coins, and even cigarettes are sprinkled with holy water and set out three times a day – before every meal. Every home has a personal temple. Every neighbourhood has a local temple. And every village, town, or city has several larger temples. In total, there are an estimated 20,000 temples on the island – an island of only 5,780 km² (about 1/5th the size of Vancouver Island).


Our time in Bali is spent between 3 different home exchanges: one on the east coast in Sanur, one on the north coast near Singaraja, and one on the west coast near Canggu. This gives us a good sampling of Bali’s rich landscape – from black, volcanic sand beaches to rugged coastline, to thick jungle and lush rice fields.


Andrew & Astrid

We are a family from Vancouver, Canada. We are hitting the reset button on our lives. We've packed everything into the garage and rented our home for a year. This is our travel story.

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