Farmstay in Monteverde

Four days ago, when we were in Monteverde we stayed on a farm called Querencia Bunkhouse.

Milking cows

If you've seen people milking cows before it may look easy, but it's not. It's pretty hard. The first time I tried, it was hard and only one or two drops came out of the utters! It felt weird to squeeze and squish them.
Boy milking cow By the way, the milk comes out warm because the cow's body is warm. The farmers made it look really easy. When they milk the cows a lot of milk comes out, not tiny drops like when I did it. By the way, they milk the cows twice a day! They put the milk in giant metal containers and put them on horses to go to the dairy.

Planting seeds

Boy holding vegetables

One morning, I woke up really early so that I could plant seeds with Freddy. The earlier you wake up the cooler the weather. Seeds need darkness, water and nutrients. When the seed sprouts and has leaves it needs sunlight, nutrients and water. At the farm, they made compost. Whatever you don't eat, you either put it in a bin or a bucket. Then, you leave it in the sun in a pile with grass and leaves and then bacteria and worms get to it. They eat the food and poop it out! This helps with decomposing the food. When it turns into soil or dirt, you put it in a pot and sterilise it in the oven.

Making soup

Boy chopping vegetables for soup I made soup with Sonia and her boys. We got the vegetables from the farm. The ingredients were tomatoes, kale, onion, red pepper and some fresh herbs. We were going to put a really hot spicy pepper in my dad's soup but my mom said "No, Papa won't like that very much!". We cooked it and it tasted yummy!

Cob oven pizza

Fresh pizza with cob oven How you make a cob oven:
First you need clay, straw, tiles and some big stones. You have to build it outside so that there isn't a giant mess on your floor. Also, the fire might set-off the fire alarm!

It was really fun: the kids got to build the fire...but it was not a success, we failed and so Tim, the owner of the farm, had to build it for us. The secret to building the fire was getting a huge stack (about 20 cm wide) of dry sticks with some paper underneath.
We waited about an hour or two for the oven to heat up. And then we pushed the fire back and put our pizzas in. To cook the pizzas it took about 3 or 4 minutes. We ate them in front of the fire with Sonia, Freddy, the boys and Tim.


Boy dropping into a pond from a zipline There was a zip line over a pond. We had to climb on a ladder and then hold on to the handle. We zip lined over the pond. There was a knot at the end on the wire so you had to let go before the knot. And splash! You get wet in the pond which was cold but awesome.

Riding horses

Three people riding horses

One day, I went horseback riding. Before I got on, I was feeling excited. But then, when we started riding the horses, I didn't like it because my horse got whipped and I felt like they were hurting the horses. I stopped early because of it.

If you have read my story about Establo San Rafael I liked riding the horses there more than on this farm because at Brenda's they do something called natural horsemanship. The horses are treated the way they treat each other. Like there are games that Brenda uses to train them that are like the games that they play with each other. So I think the horses are happier.


Hi, I'm Nicolas. I am 9 years old and I love surfing, cooking and all vehicles. I'm from Vancouver and I'm going around the world with my mom, my dad and my brother.

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