On the farm, Thailand

We are staying at a farm in Thailand that has sheep. The first morning we cleaned up the poop (it's little tiny balls like goat poop), then had breakfast and then we led the sheep so they could eat near the lake. It was hard because the sheep were running away all over the place.
sheep farming There is a tractor on the farm. Yesterday I got to drive it on my own. We used it to move gravel because we needed to fix up the outdoor living area and fire pit area.
outdoor patio When we were done I went in the lake with Ben, Zeke and Sebastien. Everyone played around. Then we had lunch and Sebastien and I went back into the lake.
at the lake There are a bunch more people volunteering at the farm. Some people come from 🇺🇸 , three people from 🇫🇷 , one person from 🇮🇳 , one person from 🇩🇪 one person from the 🇬🇧, two people from 🇪🇸, one from 🇧🇪, two from 🇨🇦 and of course the hosts from 🇹🇭. (Can you guess what countries all these flags are from?)
volunteers I'm excited because I'm looking forward to staying here longer. The people from all these countries and the hosts are all really amazing!


Hi, I'm Nicolas. I am 9 years old and I love surfing, cooking and all vehicles. I'm from Vancouver and I'm going around the world with my mom, my dad and my brother.

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