Fish Amok, Cambodia

When I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia I took a cooking class with my mom and my grandmother.

We learned how to make something called Fish Amok. It is a type of curry.

Before we started cooking, we got all our equipment and ingredients. We each got our own portable stove, pots and pans, chopping knife, stirring spoon, mortar and pestle, and our own tasting spoon.

Step 1

First, we chopped up some herbs and used the mortar and pestle to crush them up with spices and shrimp paste. This made the curry paste.

Making curry paste with mortar and pestle

Step 2

Next, we cooked pieces of fish and mixed it with the curry paste.

Cooking fish

Step 3

Next, we put the fish in a big pot with coconut cream and leaves from a lime tree.

Pot of fish curry

Step 4

Now that the curry was finished, we made a salad with green mango and other vegetables. We used a special tool to peel the mango into little waffle-like pieces.

Salad ingredients

Step 5

For dessert, we made rice paste with palm sugar. We rolled up balls of rice and cooked them in boiling water. When the balls floated to the surface they were ready.

Step 6

Once all the food was ready, the teacher helped us serve it by putting it into bowls made of banana leaves.

Fish Amok



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