Heavy metal, Cambodia

Safety is a relative scale. And like many other countries we've visited, things work a bit differently here in Cambodia. Greeted by flames, sparks, and the grating sound of metal on metal, we are spending the morning forging knives at a local blacksmith.
Astrid forging with help

We are given a pair of mittens – the one-size-fits-all type you find in a dollar store at home – and rubber, closed-toe sandals for protection. Two minutes in and Nicolas has a minor burn from a stray spark.
Sebastien forging with mittens

The local guys make it look easy (and truthfully they do most of the work for us), but hammering red-hot metal is hard work – even for a few minutes let alone all day long.
The pro

Unsure of how we will ever board an aircraft, we leave with broad smiles, shining blades, sore muscles, and a newfound appreciation of the effort that goes into forging steel.
All of us with our very patient teachers

Our afternoon is filled with jewellery making - more metal and fire. The chance to use hammers and blow torches offer great memories and necklaces made of bullet shells offer great souvenirs.
Final products after workshop at Ammo

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