Insect entrees

Apparently I am feeling adventurous. Unsure of how I agreed to this, we are eating dinner at a restaurant called Bugs Cafe - a place that specializes in insect-based cuisine. Ant-filled spring rolls, battered and deep-fried tarantula fritters, veggie and grasshopper skewers, scorpion-topped salad - the French founder has assured us that the hurdle is largely mental.

The ant-based dishes are the most accessible - a little extra crunch and a mild, spicy element of flavour. I crunch on a tarantula leg - a bit like potato chips - but draw the line at the more meaty and juicy items - cockroach-like water bugs, tarantula bodies, and silk worms.
a plateful of bugs With a far higher protein to weight ratio than beef, chicken or fish we leave feeling surprisingly full given the relatively small portions we have eaten. Less water, less land, and fewer chemicals, this is allegedly the future of food.

Andrew & Astrid

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