Living in a circus tent

When we first got here we had no idea what we were getting into. We are staying in a circus tent in mid-air. Just because it's a circus tent that doesn't touch the ground doesn't stop it from having amazing Wi-Fi, running water, a shower, and a kitchen.
Near the circus tent, there is another house that is designed just like the circus tent except that it is a house, not a tent. At the bottom of the other house, there is a dart board, a ping-pong table, and a swimming pool.

There are plenty of animals around the farm. There are goats, chickens and two dogs (the dogs' names are Jack and Negra – black in Spanish). One of the goats has three cute little babies – one white, and two that are black-and-white. When we arrived they were only three days old. At first, she would not let the white one (Boozie) drink milk and every time he came close to her she would ram him out of the way. But now she lets him drink, plus just this morning we saw Boozie climb on top of her back then jump around on her and she was fine with it. Also, just today two new goats were born.

All the goats on the farm have a happy life because they can stay around eating grass and drinking water all day if they wanted or they can climb up the mountain and explore other places or they could go around a barbwire fence and explore another property where there is a hill leading down. They are constantly playing.

There are tables and benches near the tent that look cool and I think they look ancient Greek but I'm not sure.

Tomorrow, we are going to go to Miami for one day. Then, we will head to Bolivia. I am ready for a change of scenery – we have been in Costa Rica for about seven weeks.


Sebastien is currently 11 years old. A lover of music, animals and dance, he aspires to be a famous movie actor. During the day you can just as easily find him buried in a book or seeking adventure.

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