Manuel Antonio National Park

One day we decided to go to the Manuel Antonio National Park. It was really hot and humid, and we had to walk out in the sun on a rocky path, until we saw a sign for one of the trails. It was called "THE SLOTH TRAIL". Surprisingly, on a trail in the jungle called "THE SLOTH TRAIL" there where more crabs than sloths. On the sloth trail we saw about 3 sloths and something that looked like a racoon-badger-ant eater mix.
After the sloth trail we found a beach. My mom and I went swimming while my brother and my dad made a hole in the sand.
There where monkeys near the beach that tried to steal our food.🐵🌭
Then out of the blue (😈 Ocean puns "demonic laugh") a giant wave came and submerged most of the beach then bigger and bigger waves came until everyone left the beach.


Sebastien is currently 11 years old. A lover of music, animals and dance, he aspires to be a famous movie actor. During the day you can just as easily find him buried in a book or seeking adventure.

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