Monkey Forest, Bali

In Bali we visited the Monkey Forest in Ubud. There were monkeys everywhere!

Nicolas and monkey statue

You could buy bananas to feed the monkeys. If you stood still and held the banana over your head the monkeys would climb up you and take the banana. Sometimes they would sit on your shoulder and peel the banana and eat it right there before climbing down. There were about 1000 monkeys. There were big male monkeys, female monkeys and some young monkeys and some babies. The baby monkeys were super cute and some of them clung under their mother's belly while the mothers moved around the park.

Monkey with Sebastien

The park staff fed the monkeys pieces of sweet potatoes and chunks of corn besides bananas.

Nicolas exploring the monkey forest

Another day we saw lots of monkeys at a Temple but they were not being fed. Some of the tourists would feed the monkeys gum, candy and junk food and one guy even tried to feed a monkey beer! This made the monkeys more aggressive. One monkey even stole my grandmother's glasses and chewed one of the parts that go around your ear! Luckily we got the glasses back.

Monkey and my grandmother


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