Bolivia: Salar de Uyuni

We decided to go to Uyuni, a small town in southern Bolivia. We took a three day tour in the Salar de Uyuni. The first day, we drove until we got to the "train cemetery", a place where when people started using diesel they abandoned a long line of steam trains. Now you can go there and climb around on the trains, this was my highlight of the trip.
Photo of Sebastien climbing an abandoned train After the train cemetery, we drove to the Uyuni salt flat. It was formed when the water levels of a lake lowered but the salt stayed.
In some places, the salt is fifty meters thick and in others only one meter. The Uyuni salt flat is the biggest in the world (10,582 square kilometres). The water below the salt is rich in lithium (the stuff in batteries).
The other cool thing about the salt flat is that it's so white and so flat that you can take cool photos that mess up your depth perception.
Trick photo on salt flat The first night we stayed in a hotel made of salt.
Salt hotel The second day wasn't that fun, all we saw was a whole bunch of lagoons with flamingos but the fun part was when we stopped at the border of Chile and Bolivia. There were more trains, but this time made of wood and metal, to climb on.
Climbing on the train cars The second night was the same as any other, except that it was really cold. All the tourists shared travel stories huddled around our petrol and cactus wood powered fire while playing cards.

On our third and final day, we visited a bunch of geysers. With steam, it's pretty hard to see.
Geysers Then we visited the hot springs, pools so hot that you would burn in them. If you stayed outside in your bathing suit too long your feet would become numb and you would freeze to death. In the pool that is safe to go in, they regulate the water temperature.

The overnight ride back to La Paz was great they served dinner (which was terrible), there were reclining seats, they played a movie and gave you breakfast (yogurt, a pastry and Oreos).


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