Siem Reap, Cambodia

Leaving the Philippines, we are headed north to Cambodia. The last time we were in Siem Reap was nearly 15 years ago. Arriving at the new, modern, international airport, it would appear that plenty has changed.

My memory is fuzzy, but my impression of Siem Reap from so many years ago is a tiny village, dirt roads, and little else. Today, the town is a tourist mecca filled with boutique hotels, bars, restaurants, and plenty of tuk-tuks.
Trendy cafe Siem Reap is home base for visiting Angkor Wat - the largest religious monument on earth. A pre-children 'round-the-world trip once brought us here. Apart from the volume of people, little has changed.
Angkor Wat Taking nearly 3 decades to build and flip-flopping between Hindu and Buddhist temple, Angkor Wat is an impressive feat of human achievement. That said, we are thirty minutes into our visit and the boys are ready to leave – tired and melting from the heat, the hotel swimming pool is calling.
Kids at Angkor


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