We arrived in Bangkok on the 28th of January. Bangkok is a huge city full of shopping malls, hotels and restaurants.

Three days later, we got on a bus and left for Pak Chong, a small town that not many westerners have heard of in north eastern Thailand. Then we took a songthaew (a Thai bus with benches on the sides instead of seats in rows) to Homtel Farmstay - a farm where we volunteered.

Sebastien at Homtel Farmstay

Homtel Farmstay was great, the owners, Dawn and Tosh were very welcoming and friendly. Tosh spent most of the time running his community radio station and Dawn organized most of the meals and is the mother of 10 children, 3 of which stayed at the farm with us. You work on the farm from 6:30AM to 8:00AM and then from 8:30AM to 11:00AM. The jobs included: sweeping the goat poop, repainting the treehouse, pulling out weeds, planting plants... At the farm there were tons of things you could to in your spare time, my top two favourites where to play settlers of catan a with other volunteers and going in the 'lond' (too small to be a lake and too big to be a pond) which was fun to swim in after work. I enjoyed staying at the farm because all the people were nice and the entire experience, in general, was a good one. We stayed about a week then we went back to Bangkok.

This time we spent less time in Bangkok, only one night. Our hostel was amazing. It was called The Bed Station; it had comfy beds, good internet, and a ps4.

We took an overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Sebastien on the train to Bangkok

After staying in Chiang Mai for the immense amount of time that is 1 night, we went to another farm: Mindful Farm.

Mindful farm

Mindful Farm is a small vegan farm out in the middle of nowhere, run by an ex-monk. You start your day at 6:30AM by doing yoga or cooking breakfast, once that's done you eat breakfast, which you do in silence with no tables. After your meal you work until lunch, then you get a few hours of free time. Activities include going on walks, swimming in the reservoir or walking to the little shop (the shop has ice-cream). Then you work until dinner. Jobs include: planting tomatoes, building a roof or moving bricks. After dinner the volunteers make a campfire, you hang around the campfire until it's time to meditate. You meditate for about 20 minutes, then you either go back to the campfire or go to bed (depending on what time it is). After 4 days at Mindful Farm we went back to Chiang Mai!

In Chiang Mai we did a jewelry course, I made a ring but the rest of my family made pendants.
Sebastien and his ring The best place to go for food in Chiang Mai is the night bazaar, it's every night and they have any kind of food, for example: hot dogs, pizza, sushi, Thai food, burgers...

Rolled ice cream at the night bazaar

One night we had dinner with Ricky, Mark and Maria from Homtel, and some of Maria's friends.
Dinner with our Homtel friends After Chiang Mai we had to go on another 13 hour train ride to (drum roll please) Bangkok!!! We stayed at The Bed Station again but we stayed longer this time, and we did so many activities I can't remember all of them, but here's a few: the Red Cross snake farm,

Sebastien with a yellow

the Bankok Art and Culture Centre
Bankok Art and Culture Centre and the Caturday Cat Cafe, which was a normal cafe but with like 20 cats. The cats were everywhere even sleeping on the tables.

Cat Cafe

Anyways, next, we went to Bali, which was amazing.


Sebastien is currently 11 years old. A lover of music, animals and dance, he aspires to be a famous movie actor. During the day you can just as easily find him buried in a book or seeking adventure.

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