The farm

We are staying on a farm near Monteverde. It is a self sustaining farm, meaning the owners and caretakers are mostly surviving by their own means: they create their own power, milk their own cows for milk and yoghurt, grow their own vegetables, and make their own cooking gas.

Creating electricity

To make electricity, there is a big tank of water uphill from the farm. The water flows downhill to the farm through a pipe. Gravity does all the work at this point. Once the water reaches the farm the pressure is very high because it was going so fast. The water then shoots out of a super tiny nozzle and spins a turbine.

With the help of copper wire and magnets, the spinning creates electricity which charges 4 car batteries.

Those batteries keep the power going on the farm.
The coolest part is that after the water spins the turbine it goes into a pond with a zipline over it. I rode forwards, backwards and sideways down the zipline into the water.

Cooking with cow poop!

In the kitchen there is a stove. But this stove is not powered by gas from the city or even propane. They use methane gas. This is created by shovelling cow manure (poop) into big basins lined and covered with plastic - called the bio-digester. The farmers leave the manure there until it decomposes. When manure decomposes, it releases methane gas, which the farmers trap inside tanks similar to a propane tank. These are connected to the stoves in the kitchens. Once this process is done, you can make dinner!

Wood fired pizza

On the last night, we made pizza in the cob pizza oven. It is a cone shaped clay oven with tiles lining the bottom.
First you build a fire inside the oven. Then you need to wait about an hour or two for it heat up. While you wait you need to prepare and pre-cook your dough, prepare your vegetables, pepperoni or other toppings for your pizza. Once the oven is at the right temperature you push back the coals and logs so that the fire is at the back of the oven and the tiles will be super hot. Next, you put your prepared pizza in the oven and slowly spin it while it cooks. It takes about 2-4 minutes to cook the pizza. It tastes amazing!


Around the farm, there are about 10 dogs - some of them are puppies. We didn't see all of them, but the ones we did see where named Salvaje, Savache, and Mosie.



Sebastien is currently 11 years old. A lover of music, animals and dance, he aspires to be a famous movie actor. During the day you can just as easily find him buried in a book or seeking adventure.

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