Trains and Songthaews in Thailand

We are still in Thailand and there are all kinds of different vehicles. We took a whole bunch of them.

Last week we took a train from Bangkok to Chiangmai.

It was a really long train ride so we decided to take it at night. This train was special because it had foldable beds. When we got on, they were normal uncomfortable benches. We sat down and drank lemonades for a while.
train on the inside

Each train car has an attendant to help with everything: the air conditioning, handing out water, making the beds etc... At dinner time we went to the restaurant train car and we ate there. When it was night time, the train car attendant made our beds. He unfolded the top bed

In the top bunk!

and then slid the benches together to make the lower bed.
In the lower bunk

I slept amazingly well. The train arrived in Chiangmai around 6 in the morning more or less. I loved it.

In a few days we are going to take another train back to Bangkok. I can't wait!

A songthaew is a pick-up truck with a hard canopy and seats on the sides. The word songthaew means two rows. This is how it is written in Thai characters: สองแถว.

A few days ago, we took one to a farm called "Mindful Farm". The ride was about 3 hours long. There were lots of people on the songthaew. Most of the people were going to Mindful Farm. We stopped a whole bunch of times and more people got on. The road was windy because we were going up the mountain. It was also hot because it was during the day and it's really hot here.
Nicolas on the songthaew

We have taken several songthaews before and I like it. because sometimes my mom lets me stand on the back and hold on to the ladder. The ladder is there so that the driver can climb up and put your luggage on. This is me with the driver on the roof when we arrived.

Nicolas on the roof of the songthaew


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