Where coconut oil comes from...

We were at a farm on the Osa Peninsula near Drake Bay. It was called Casa Pequeña. And what does this mean? Small house...

We made coconut oil, chocolate, and pizza. This is how we made coconut oil.

Step 1

Coconuts on a tree If you are making coconut oil, these yellow round coconuts aren't the best. The best ones are the oval ones like you see in step 2.

Step 2

Man selecting coconuts The coconuts are dried by leaving them in the sun (like in a greenhouse). Then, you shake them so that you can check if there is cocounut water inside. Take the ones with the most coconut water inside.

Step 3

Man cracking a coconut When you have chosen about 5 or 6 coconuts, take a pickaxe and plant it in the ground. Use it to crack the dry coconuts open.

Step 4

Coconut The inside should look like this. That's like the ones that we get at home in Vancouver.

Step 5

Split coconut With the dull side of a machete, crack it open because you need to get to the white part - also called the flesh.

It was amazing to see that there is something else inside other than the flesh and the water. It basically feels like bread and looks like a sponge. You can eat it like a piece of cake. In Costa Rica they call it Coconut Bread. You remove the sponge/bread out of the shell. You don't need it for making oil.

Step 6

Boy scraping flesh from a coconut This is the traditional way to scrape the flesh: you take the coconut and scrape the flesh out with this tool that is basically a cutting board with a special kind of knife at the end of it.

This is nicer for making cakes or when you need very white coconut shavings. It's hard work!

Step 7

Man scraping flesh from a coconut This tool is a grinder. It is a lot faster for getting the coconut shavings out, but you end up scraping the shell. It's ok to eat but not as nice for cakes and other pastries.

Step 8 - The best step!

Coconut shavings in a bowl Here is a special tip if you want a delicious desert:
mix coconut shavings with powdered milk. It is surprisingly delicious!

Step 9

Boy squeezing milk from coconut shavings Now you have to squeeze the shavings with the coconut water to get the coconut milk out. The coconut milk is excellent!

Step 10

Dry coconut shavings These are the dried shavings after you have squeezed all the milk out.

Step 11

Straining coconut milk Now, you put it through a strainer to get the extra bits out. For cold pressed oil you would leave the milk overnight so the water would seperate from the oil. But a faster way is to boil it because the water gets evaporated and all that's left is the oil.

Step 12

Bottle of coconut oil Here is the final step: coconut oil! If you boiled it, you get oil that's a bit yellow. If you want clear oil, don't boil it.


Hi, I'm Nicolas. I am 9 years old and I love surfing, cooking and all vehicles. I'm from Vancouver and I'm going around the world with my mom, my dad and my brother.

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