Where sugar comes from...

Yesterday, in San Rafael we visited a cane-sugar factory. We saw how they made sugar from sugar canes. I am going to show you how sugar is made step by step.

Step 1

First, the sugar canes are cut and collected from the cane fields.
Raw sugar cane

Step 2

Next, they are stacked in a pick-up truck.
Truckload of sugar canes

Step 3

Here the workers are placing the canes in a machine that squeezes the juice out. The machine is pretty big and very loud.
Men crushing sugar cane

Step 4

The sugar cane skin comes out of the back of the machine but it's all dry. They are going to use the dry left-overs for fire wood.
Sugar cane processing machine

Dry sugar cane husks

Step 5

The sweet cane juice comes out of the side of the machine. This guy is filtering the juice to get the bits of pulp out. I tasted it and it was extremely sweet.
Freshly squeezed sugar cane juice

Step 6

The next step is to boil the sugar juice in huge giant metal bowls until it turns brown and the right thickness. You can see that the steam is coming out of the sugar cane juice.
Boiling sugar cane juice

Step 7

The moulds have to be cleaned with water and some kind of soap before they pour the liquid sugar inside.
Empty sugar moulds

Step 8

The liquid sugar is filtered before they pour it into the moulds.
Man filtering liquid sugar

Step 9

To cool the liquid sugar before it goes into the moulds, they use a paddle to stir it around a wooden container.
Paddle for cooling liquid sugar Cooling liquid sugar

Step 10

Then they pour the liquid sugar into the moulds and let it harden.
Man pouring liquid sugar into moulds Liquid sugar cooling in moulds

Step 11

Once it is hard they flip the moulds upside down and the finished sugar pops out.
Tapa Dulce

Final and best step

Taste the yummy sugar!
Boy eating raw sugar


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