Woodworking, Bali

Today my dad and I did a woodworking class. First, we chose a project. My dad chose to make a mask and I chose do make a turtle.

My dad shaping his wood block.

There were examples so we could get an idea of what our carving would look like when it was finished. First, we took big chunks out of the block of wood then littler chunks. The wood teacher helped us make the shapes. I had to make the head, shell and four feet.

Me at the woodworking table.

We used a lot of different chisels and a wooden mallet. Some of the chisels were flat and sharp and one was a v shape. I used the v chisel to make grove patterns on the turtle's back and on the head and feet. The size of the groves had to do with how deep you used the chisel.

I loved it and was happy with my turtle. The final stage is sanding and I'm still working on that. It takes a long time.

My dad's mask


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