This week we are in Monteverde, Costa Rica. To get here, we had to take a van, then a boat and then another van. Monteverde is a rainforest in the clouds. It rains everyday in the afternoon but the mornings are usually sunny. Here there is loud and disturbing thunder and lightning that lights up the sky.

Yesterday, we went zip-lining and it was extremely fun. First, we got out of bed and I got ready as fast as a race car. We went to the front desk and caught a ride to Sevatura Park.

Once we got there, we had to get our safety gear on (a harness with heavy carabiners and a pulley, a pair of gloves and a helmet).

Then, we took a van for a kilometer or two to the zip-lines. They showed us how we had to be safe. We were all feeling excited. We had to climb up a lot of steps to get to the first line. Sebastien went first. And then me. my dad went third and then my mom went fourth.

When I was zipping through the air I saw plants, the blue sky, the sun, and a lot of trees. I felt lots of wind zipping around me. I was scared a tiny tiny bit but as soon as I started going it was so much fun that I forgot that I was scared.

We met three people from Montreal, Quebec in the line. They were nice and they spoke French.

The longest line was 1 kilometre long and it was the best one because I felt like I could almost beat a race car. We were going 60 Km/hr.

There was a Tarzan swing and it was scary and fun.

What an awesome amazing day!


Hi, I'm Nicolas. I am 9 years old and I love surfing, cooking and all vehicles. I'm from Vancouver and I'm going around the world with my mom, my dad and my brother.

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